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Our events are designed to include a mix of professional and amateur pillow fighters. So don’t be discouraged if you aren’t invited to fight right away. In some cases, this will just be a matter of geography and inability to properly match you with a similarly capable opponent.

But there are several things you can do to improve your desirability as a competitor.

1. Subscribe to our Youtube, Instagram and Facebook pages to ensure you know about upcoming events. Links to each can be found here: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

2. Get a FightPFC Fight Pillow and practice. Send us a video of your moves and we’ll post you on our feed where future fans can see what you got.

3. Find an ideal opponent. Perhaps a friend or maybe someone you have a fun conflict with that can be settled in the ring. Have them register too and be sure to mention each other in the comments section.

4. Update your info. If your information changes, just visit the registration page and resubmit your form. We will remove the previous info and use the newest info.

5. Watch our training videos. Professional Pillow fighting is an evolving sport. We will be posting a continual tips and tricks that fighters have learned.

6. Find a sponsor. Money Talks. Ability is always the primary criteria, but we also have to pay the bills. We plan to find sponsors for all our fighters. Sponsor Logo placement is available on the ring mat as well as on pillows, ring mats, walls and in digital media. Many professional and semi-professional fighters are chosen by sponsors to represent their brand at events. If you have a sponsor or know one you believe would be willing to sponsor you and/or the event itself, we are open to discussions about any mutually beneficial opportunities.

7. Are you a model, actor, social media influencer or professional spokesperson? FightPFC will also be marketing our swag, T-Shirts, Pajamas and Logo Pillowcases as well as subscriptions to PPV events are all structured so that we can reward FightPFC pillow fighters assisting in their sale and promotion. Let us know about any special talents or skill sets you posses that might benefit and promote this new sport.

8. Tell us your best Pillow Fight Story. Pillow fighter interviews are always of interest to both us as well as the many media reporters and podcasters that contact us. We like to be able to introduce those reporters to fighters with an interesting story to tell.

Your primary contact at Fight PFC will be Robert Albolino. Fighter relations are a top priority to all of us at Gladiatrix and Robert is an owner and President.  

Contact Robert Albolino